lego brick box

The Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box is a great toy for any child who loves Legos. It’s marketed for kids aged “4-99” and comes with 484 pieces, so there’s a lot to love! The set has bricks in 35 different colors and many shapes to make houses, cars, trains, figures, and whatever a creative mind can imagine. Builders of all ages will be kept busy for hours.

LEGO Brick Box


– $29.99, free shipping on orders over $35

-ships from and sold by – gift wrap available

-bricks in 35 colors

-includes 18 tires, 18 wheel rims

-special pieces: base plate, windows with frame, 3 sets of eyes

-imaginative building is encouraged

-yellow plastic box for storage

-endless possibilities

-dimensions: 14.6” x 7” x 7.1” – 2.2 lbs

-ships only within the US and to APO/FPO addresses

-instructions included


The Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box has something for everyone. Some of its projects are simple enough for a four-year old to complete, with only a little help. Children who don’t like to be told what to build will appreciate the wide variety of interesting shapes, to create things uniquely their own. This set includes, among other items, 10 large tires with rims, 4 medium tires, and 4 small tires. This set is also compatible with older Lego sets, such as those made in the 1980s, so Dad’s and Junior’s sets can be combined for even more possibilities. The box has plenty of room to accommodate large collections. The lid latches on securely, so if the box tips over, the pieces won’t spill out. The set is easy to clean with a damp cloth. There is even a brick separation tool, so you don’t have to use your teeth to take your creations apart!


The “special” pieces are very small, perhaps too small for a four-year old. Many of these are tiny, sstrangely-shaped “add-on” pieces that can’t be used to actually build anything. They also hurt your feet if you happen to step on one without shoes. The lid on the box doesn’t always snap on well, and once it’s on, it’s hard to get off.

This set is good if you already have a lot of basic bricks, because you won’t find too many of those in this box – not enough to make anything substantial, like a house. And there are no Lego people included; they have to be ordered separately. In addition, not all of the ideas are shown in the included instruction booklet: they must be downloaded from online, which can be a nuisance.


The Hasbro Company, founded in 1932, is known for its high-quality toys which can enrich a child’s life, and this one is no exception. The Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box is a fine toy for “architects” of all ages. It will stimulate the imagination, encourage creative expresssion, and provide endless hours of fun.

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