Betrayal at House on the Hill is a board game by Wizards of the Coast. It is an enjoyable activity at Halloween or any other time. Players become explorers going through a haunted house that is filled with unexpected traps, pitfalls, items to collect, and omens. It is a unique role-playing game in which one or more “traitors” try to kill the “heroes” and keep them from getting out of the house. The suspense and unpredictability will provide hours of spooky fun.

Betrayal At House On The Hill - 2nd Edition


  • $47.09 with free shipping from
  • for three to six players
  • 60 minutes of play time
  • ages 12 and up (recommended for ages 12-16)
  • cooperative game
  • a deck containing Room tiles
  • three sets of cards for Items, Omens, and Events; 6 character cards with 2 characters each
  • fifty possible Haunts
  • won the 2004 Gamers Choice Award for Best Board Game


The second edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill differs little from the first edition (which is out of print). The room tiles are the same; the character tiles are similar; the gameplay is the same. Some rules have been clarified, and some tiles contain more text, making them more user-friendly. The room tiles are chosen at random, so the house is different in every game.

Players experience two phases in the game: (1) Exploration, and (2) the Haunt. The explorers go through the house, drawing Event, Item, and Omen cards, and following the instructions. Each character has four stats: Might, Speed, Sanity, and Knowledge, which must be kept up so the players can continue exploring and finding Items before the Haunt begins. During the Haunt phase, one or more characters are chosen to be the “traitor,” who then tries to kill the other characters and keep them from escaping from the house. The teams of “traitors” and “heroes” develop game plans through reading special booklets. The game can be quite complex as the characters discover secret passages and experience suspenseful events – and the players never know which character will turn evil. Click Here to get the Betrayal At House On The Hill board game

Some disadvantages of the game are the construction of the pieces themselves. The markers for the character cards don’t stay on well. They have a tendency to fall off and must be taped or paper-clipped to stay on. In addition, the pentagonal-shaped pieces used to keep score tend to slide off. The tiles also have a tendency to warp.

Although the game is advertised as “cooperative,” once the traitor is revealed, he/she turns on the group and tries to kill them, with the aid of the evil spirits in the house. The scenarios in the books to determine strategy are rather complicated, and the teams can spend a lot of time trying to figure out a game plan. One other disadvantage is that the game relies a lot on chance and not much on strategy.


Teenagers at a Halloween party are the most likely target, although it could be a family (age 12 and up) activity. Anyone who enjoys getting “creeped out” and having a horror-story experience will enjoy this game. It is especially effective when played while listening to creepy Halloween music. Players will meet cannibals, , zombies, and vampires, and classic monsters like Dracula. It’s a thrill!