pie face game

The PIE FACE GAME is a fun-filled, silly family board game that anyone can play. This colorful plastic game involves turning the handle on a “hand” which is filled with whipped cream (not included), and the tension mounts as no one knows who will get slapped in the face next. New in the US this year, it’ll make great holiday entertainment.

Hasbro Pie Face Game


– for 2 or more players

-recommended for ages 5 and up

-pie throwing mechanism can go off at any moment

-points are scored when players turn the handle without getting splatted

-includes one pie thrower, one throwing arm, two handles, chin rest, splash guard mask, spinner,   and sponge

-no batteries required

-dimensions: 3.2”x 10.5” x 10.5” – 1.2 lbs

-made in China

-ships within the US and to select countries outside the US



Just in time for Christmas, Hasbro has just begun to distribute this family fun game in the United States, having acquired the rights from Esdevium Games, based in the UK. The game became a sensation earlier this year because of a YouTube video showing a grandfather and grandson playing it. It’s easy to assemble, and once it’s up, players take turns spinning the spinner, and turn the handle the required number of turns.  The hand slaps at random numbers, so at any moment, someone will get a face full of whipped cream. The Pie Face Game will keep youngsters and oldsters laughing. After the game is over, the plastic parts are easy to take apart and clean. And after the kids have gone to bed, adults can use it as a drinking game!


The Pie Face Game costs less than $20, because it’s cheaply made.  The face guard tends to move around and comes off; it won’t stay on even through one game. It takes a lot of whipped cream to get it slapped onto the face, and when the handle is turned, the whipped cream tends to slide or fall off prematurely, necessitating repositioning. The buyer must supply his/her own paper and pencil to keep score.

This game will get people messy! Kids will need a bath afterwards, and all players will get sticky whipped cream in their hair. It’s advisable to keep a washcloth handy for cleanup after getting splatted.


The Hasbro Company has long been associated with quality items of children’s play. The Pie Face Game provides a lot of family entertainment for a low price. It’s colorful and a bit nostalgic. Although it’s recommended for ages 5 and up, even 3-year olds will love it and squeal with laughter as they play. And of course, there’s sweet whipped cream to lick off!

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