cards against humanity review

Cards Against Humanity is a card game which has been compared to Apples to Apples, but is an adult version. Ranked one of the best Toys and Games on, it makes a great party game for adults (a minimum of 4 players). It is easy to play and will keep the participants laughing hysterically. Expansion versions are also available for more game possibilities.

Cards Against Humanity


  • sold by Cards Against Humanity, LLC, and Fulfilled by Amazon
  • 550 playing cards – 460 white, 90 black
  • can be gift-wrapped
  • countless possible rounds with 6 players
  • includes game rules and alternate rules
  • professionally printed on plastic-coated cardstock
  • shrink-wrapped
  • one deck costs around $25.00



This deck card game is best when played by four or more players. The optimum number seems to be six. If you have eight, the game will still be fun but can drag on. The game is made up of two sets of cards: one is a set-up card which may say something like, “My dog is wonderful at ______ but horrible at ______.” A player would select two cards from his hand to complete the sentence. Possible answers might be “cooking dinner” and “resisting temptation.” The content is definitely anti-establishment and politically incorrect, so it is not for the sensitive or those who are easily offended.

It is also not for children middle-school aged or younger. The box is clearly marked “17 and up.” Teenagers might enjoy it, especially if they enjoy movies like Porky’s and Hangover.   Players must have a sense of humor and be able to laugh at crudity. Ninety-two per cent of reviewers give this game five stars; however, some of the questions and answers are in bad taste, disgusting, and may cause players to be uncomfortable as they laugh at topics like the Holocaust, racism, and cancer.

Buyers might want to be careful about whom they invite to play this game. Although it is not anti-religion, churchgoers may find it offensive.



Adults at a party will love this game. It helps if you have a warped, twisted sense of humor or an outright dirty mind; or if you drink before playing. It is downright sick and irreverent, but hilarious.

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